Do You Need or Wear Glasses Now?

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, the information in this book does not replace your eye doctor, but goes with the care you are already receiving. If you do not wear glasses or contact lenses and have noticed changes to your vision, you might want to have your eyes checked for medical problems and measured for refractive errors by a professional.

If you need and choose to wear corrective lenses, the methods described in this book work best if you get glasses rather than contact lenses because glasses can be removed more easily. The techniques are practiced using your eyes without glasses and the more often you practice, the better and faster the results.

Wear your glasses only when you absolutely need them such as for driving or reading. Find ways to wear your glasses less often. For example, you can use a magnifying glass to read, and find locations during meetings and presentations where you can see the white board or overhead slides without glasses.

If you work at a computer, change the font size for the print on your monitor, choose background an foreground colors that provide good contrast, and make sure your work space has the appropriate lighting to minimize screen glare.

If you have very poor vision, you might have trouble removing your glasses at first because your mind has to learn to think in a new way without the glasses. As you practice the techniques in this book and begin to go without your glasses more, you will gradually become accustomed to the new you and your new way of thinking without glasses.

Understanding Diopters

Vision is measured at 20 feet. The reading 20/40 means that you see at 20 feet what a person with normal sight sees at 40 feet. The reading 20/10 means you see at 20 feet what a person with normal sight sees at 10 feet.

Diopters refer to the amount of correction needed in the glasses or contact lenses to restore vision to 20/20. The number of diopters is never the same for every person with the same vision. A person with 20/200 vision may need 2 diopters correction, while another person with 20/200 may require 4 diopters correction.

How Glasses Affect Your Mind

Everyone’s vision has natural fluctuations. Some days the vision is better than others, and some people have better vision at certain times of the day.
Corrective lenses keep your vision at the level it was when you were tested for the lenses. There is no opportunity for fluctuation in your vision as long as you wear the lenses.

When the vision is prevented from fluctuating, the mind goes into a mental stare. Your mind and your vision are very closely connected and when the natural behavior of one is affected, the natural behavior of the other is also affected. The higher the prescription, the greater the mental stare.

You can reduce the mental stare and restore the natural fluctuation in your eyesight by reducing your prescription and wearing your glasses as little as possible. The relaxation and vision building techniques described in this book use the natural fluctuation of the eyes and mind to alleviate eyestrain and clear vision.

I worked with a man in the summer of 1987 to help him relieve eyestrain and improve his vision. He was a computer programmer with an extreme case of nearsight. Over the summer, he came twice a week for lessons. One day he came to me and related this story:

Last night I was in a very happy mood for hours going about the house and doing many things. Some hours later I went into the bathroom to prepare for bed and saw my glasses sitting in the soap dish where I had apparently left them when I showered earlier in the evening. All of a sudden, my vision blurred when I realized I was not wearing my glasses! Up to that time I could see everything perfectly without my glasses!

My comment to him was, “That is a great experience because now you know it is possible to be free of eyestrain and see clearly without your glasses!”


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